How to Buy Plants

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How to Buy Plants


Walking into any garden center with endless racks of various plants bursting in bright colors and interesting textures can be an inspiring sight. Make sure you know the amount of sunlight an area has before purchasing petals to fill the space. To have a beautiful garden, you must have a healthy garden. Scroll down to view a simple-to-follow sun exposure chart and take the guesswork out of buying plants. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter below and gather garden planning tips and inspiration along the way.
Happy Planting.

Sun Exposer Chart

Full Sun (Sun)

– 6-8 hours of direct sun


Part Sun   (Part Shade, Partial Sun, Partial Shade)

– 4-6 hours of direct sun


Full Shade (Dense Shade)

– 0-4 hours of direct sun


Garden Planning Help

For help deciding on the level of sun exposer, an area has, check out the ‘Complete Garden Design’ package and have a garden consult to view the space and help guide you through those tough-to-plan areas.

With the proper plans, anything is possible.

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Broadway Garden is a USDA licensed and insured garden planning and installation company in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. As the owner of Broadway Garden, my goal is to create simple and practical gardens to be enjoyed for generations while restoring the landscape with each space. Follow along and pick up some tips and tricks to improve your garden this year.

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Gardens make people happy. Its called Nature-Based Therapy and this practice is widely used in Europe to help treat those dealing with extreme stress and other uncomfortable chronic illnesses.

– C.Broadway

Every garden has a purpose. Feel free to get as creative as you would like, experiment with color, textures, and heights of plants to bring interest into a space. You can even grow plants to help support your local ecosystem.

– C.Broadway

Investing in the garden is one of the best ways to generate equity in a home. The value of the home can increase up to 30% thanks to proper landscaping.

– C.Broadway

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